These storms seem determined to beat up on our homes and
properties, don’t they?

No need to fret over such damages with GreenLight on the scene ready to
assist your family!


First step; we need to get one of our Claim Specialists at
your property to inspect and document the damages inflicted on your home.

Our team is trained in the same procedure as insurance adjusters and know
how to leverage that specialized training to ensure your home and family
are properly represented.

Don’t go to court without a lawyer and don’t handle an insurance claim
without a trained Claim Specialist!


Now at this point you might be wondering;

“Just what IS an Insurance Adjuster”

Excellent question!

An Adjuster is the represantive from your Insurance Provider who will
inspect your property for damage. They are trained to determine what is
and is not storm-related damage.

Adjusters are often the ones to determine the cost of the project.


There you go! A free crash course in insurance claims 🙂

Allow me to explain just what level of value we bring to the table in the
these situations;

We handle the stress/time/paperwork that accompanies such claims.

Our trained Claim Specialists are often the deciding factor when an
adjuster might be inclined to deny a claim. They can also maximize a claim
and get additional items/money approved.

Free upgrades are provided to ensure that a home is all the more prepared
to face the elements.

Expert crews are used in all construction and remodeling projects.

Our accounting team is well versed in the protocol surrounding invoicing
insurance companies so you don’t have to!